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Vulnerable Persons Extra Care Facility

Concept Design and Feasibility Study


Stanley, Falkland Islands


Falkland Islands Government

  • - Masterplanning
  • - Architecture
  • - Landscape Architecture
  • - Building Services
  • - Civil & Structural Engineering

Following a successful bidding process, One Creative Environments Ltd. (One) was commissioned to provide a RIBA Stage 2 concept design and associated feasibility study for a new extra care facility in the Falkland Islands. The designs needed to be both attractive and non-institutional in presentation and deliver the highest standards.

The new facility is intended as a focal point and a new model of care to serve the people of the Falkland Islands, whilst developing a new way forward for their aging and vulnerable population. The facility will provide excellent independent living facilities for the frail and elderly, as well as those living with a disability, learning difficulty or those in need of dementia care.

  • This project has been a wonderful experience, with our team visiting the Falkland Islands to undertake intensive site visits, stakeholder meetings and workshops. Design considerations have included the North-facing sun, South Atlantic winds, heights and views, as well as the local colour palette. We’re delighted to have been selected to deliver the project from concept to opening and look forward to providing the much-needed facility for local people on these fabulous islands.

    Mark Martin / One Creative Environments Ltd.

Project Benefits

  • Improved way finding - The layout of the complex has been well thought out to create a ‘village feel’, where users can feel safe and connected. In particular, the intuitive courtyard design is easily readable, opening out the services and facilities on offer to avoid confusion.
  • Deliberate design scheme - Careful consideration of the environment ensured landscape blending. The differing roof colours for instance complement the rooftops in the surrounding area.
  • Balancing clinical needs with community facilities - The design incorporates a core centre with communal facilities so that residents, visitors and the community can integrate in a non institutional manner. Its flexible and multi-use design also allows for community events to be held here.
  • Providing an inclusive service - One’s multi-disciplinary team can deliver all necessary services throughout the project saving time and money. Having no resources available the client could rely on One to take on full project responsibility.

Project Overview

The Falkland Islands, Stanley, is a picturesque island with unhindered views of the South Atlantic Ocean providing the perfect setting for an architecture of healthcare that is both contemporary yet respectful to the sensitive surrounding.

A team from One visited the Falkland Islands to undertake a valuable and intensive week of site visits, stakeholder meetings and workshops to form a fully robust brief and ensure all parties were clear from the outset.

A welcoming atmosphere was essential to the design within an environment that could not only be enjoyed by the residents but also by the wider community.  The feasibility study findings demonstrated that an innovative 3600m² single storey care facility could in fact successfully be delivered within budget on site using a modular construction system within budget that blended into the natural surroundings.

The building has been designed with wings which are positioned to maximise the number of apartments with a sea view.  Physically separating the winged clusters gives rise to relaxing ‘wing lounges’, areas that the residents and others can spend time in and socialise.  These areas are designed to be conveniently located near Accessible WC’s, making it easier for residents to reach a nearby WC.  At the end of each wing, various zones of the landscaped gardens can be accessed, all designed with a wandering loop in mind so that the residents do not get confused or lost during relaxing walks.  Additionally, all wings lead back to the core of the building where there are communal spaces which include a cinema room/multi-purpose room, activity area, a hair and beauty salon, a café and a restaurant.  Designed to be flexible, the multi-purpose room and activity room can be combined to create a larger area, perfect for public events.

A carefully selected palette of materials allowed for the design to aid in wayfinding while also creating a warm, domestic and homely atmosphere to reinforce much needed independence.  Set in landscaped gardens the development consists of 32 extra care apartments and two short term apartments for respite-care plus associated staff and ancillary services.  A major advancement for the Falkland Islands, it provides a catalyst for the future while meeting the needs of the population through an attractive non-institutionalised environment for those requiring support but also being an activity hub for the wider community.