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ONE supports Earth Day  

Posted: 22 April 2022

ONE Creative environments (ONE) is supporting Earth Day 2022 with a competition to get their team closer to nature.

Following the success of last year’s carrot growing competition, which has inspired many staff to continue growing fruit and vegetables, this year ONE’s team will be growing sunflowers.

Sunflowers are excellent for pollinators such as bees. With each bloom containing 1000-2000 seeds, as well as a beautiful addition to the garden, they can also make a fantastic natural bird and wildlife feeder.

The sunflower is also the National flower of Ukraine, associated as a symbol of peace, and so is a fitting choice to show respect during the war in Ukraine with the company having  also sent items to those in need.

The tallest sunflower on record was 30 feet tall, however, height is just one category and with sunflowers being able to be grown indoors or outside, everyone can take part.

ONE’s vision is “Creating a better world through design, sustainability and innovation” and believes in investing in our planet. Only last month the company announced that they were investing in a series of carbon reduction improvement works to their HQ in their quest to Net Zero Carbon. 

Matt Tebbatt, Managing Director of ONE, said: “As a multi-disciplinary design company we help our clients to achieve their sustainability goals with our whole team working alongside our skilled landscape architects to enhance the natural environment and boost biodiversity.”

“It is great to see how many of our team embraced getting back to nature, which also benefits wellbeing, and have continued to grow a wide variety of fruit and vegetables following last year’s event which is great for sustainability. This year, we once again look forward to the same healthy competition with sunflowers also being very symbolic of peace at this time.”

Judging will take place in September with full details and categories available here. Why not share your growing successes with us via social media?