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HQ: +44 (0) 1905 362 300   |   London: +44 (0) 208 0596 526   |   Birmingham : +44 (0) 121 312 3876   |   Cardiff : +44 (0) 2920027983   |  

Civil and Structural Engineering

Civil & Structural Engineering

We provide the expertise that our clients and professional colleagues need to create innovative, economical and robust buildings and infrastructure.

At ONE we recognise that reducing commercial and safety risks on site improves construction quality and efficiency for our clients.  That is why our Civil and Structural engineers sit alongside our architects and other disciplines to help fully integrate our engineering expertise into the whole project.

Involving our Civil and Structural Engineers at the pre-concept stage can pay dividends and identify and challenge the constraints met by projects. This can open up new design possibilities and set achievable parameters that enhance projects through to construction. Whenever we join your team you can expect a proactive approach for the best possible solution.

Our specialists

ONE’s team of Chartered Civil and Structural engineers is adept at tackling complex structural and civil engineering challenges. Working closely with clients and designers we form the key technical interface to the contractor on site.  We are always able to respond quickly to remove potential design issues before they occur.

Our civil and environmental engineering capabilities allow us to unlock sites in a highly sustainable way. This saves our clients’ money and enables schemes that didn’t appear to be viable.

We have completed a diversity of projects: from small building extensions to huge multi-storey structures, and pretty much everything in between including residential projects. We relish the challenge of making structures that are not only lighter and less greedy with materials, but also elegant, efficient and easy to build.

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) eradicates issues

Our use of technology means that site challenges and queries are virtually eradicated. Working in the virtual 3D environment, with our proactive Building Information Modelling (BIM) approach, our engineers can successfully translate designs through to the finished built environment.


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Detailed Services

  • Structural advice, guidance, pre-planning advice and design
  • 3D structural analysis and finite element and dynamic modelling
  • BIM modelling and integrated design highways
  • Vehicle tracking and drainage design
  • Earthworks including cut and fill volume calculations
  • Construction and site supervision
  • Environmental engineering including SUDS design and drainage strategies
  • Flood risk assessments and flood mitigation advice
  • Design manager services
  • Structural surveys

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