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ONE’s Director Hosts RIBA Innovation in Technology Session on Robotics

Posted: 17 June 2022

Mark Martin, Director at ONE, was thrilled to host the Innovation in Technology talk on Robotics in Construction.

Mark is passionate about the application of this new technology having previously spoken on the subject for the Manufacturing Centre of Technology and intends to build his own house using robots in the next five years.

The session, which took place on 16 June, was well attended by professionals across the industry and looked at the at the huge potential offered by robotic automation to enhance productivity and flexibility throughout the construction industry, including 3D printing of houses, and both on-site and off-site construction using robotics.  The webinar identified some of the challenges and opportunities for architects, and how this technology can add social value and address sustainability.

The session hosted by Mark included presentations by:

  • Dale Sinclair, Head of Digital Innovation at WSP – Dale provided the context and explained the increasingly important role played by robotics in the construction industry, the strategic drivers for adoption and the initiatives that architects should consider in order to encourage greater adoption of this important technology.
  • David Longbottom, Founder and CEO of Construction Automation -looked at the use of robots in traditional construction on-site.
  • David Cross, Head of Programme at TopHat – talked about the use of robotics in off-site modular construction.
  • Kevin Hardin, the Chief Engineering Officer of Houses Made by Robots – outlined some 3D printing technologies used in construction. Mark Martin also described how ONE had used robotics on their award-winning project for One Blackfriars in London.

Mark Martin, Director of ONE, said: “As a company we pride ourselves on being early adopters of technology with innovation being central to the company’s vision.”

“Robotics and automation will clearly have a greater part to play in all our futures, especially with an increasing elderly population and reduction in available workforce. In the next decade the use of robotics in construction will become common place and it was a privilege to host this pioneering discussion, one of the broadest discussed in the UK, for the Royal Institute of British Architects.”

A copy of the webinar will be on the RIBA Academy website in the next few months.