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ONE’s Masterplan for South Melton Mowbray approved

Posted: 19 June 2020

An important development plan for Melton Mowbray was approved by Melton Borough Council’s Cabinet on Wednesday (17/6/2020).

The masterplan, which has been designed by ONE Creative Environments Ltd. (ONE), has been adopted and will now provide a framework for the consideration of all future planning applications in the South Sustainable Neighbourhood area of Melton Mowbray up to 2036.

This decision will bring significant long-term benefits to the area as the South Sustainable Neighbourhood together and the North Sustainable Neighbourhood, the two most significant proposals in the adopted Melton Local Plan, are envisaged to accommodate over 3700 new homes, 20 hectares of new employment land and all the physical, community and green infrastructure needed to create great places to live.

ONE’s design and landscape-led approach to masterplanning makes the most intelligent use of the space in relation to layout, the provision of open space and building scale to ensure a green and inviting environment where people will want to live and visit. It also utilises ‘Active Design’ which promotes active and healthy lifestyles through sport and physical activities in the built environment.

The masterplan makes provision for infrastructure such as: the local centre, two primary schools and a secondary school and importantly its adoption will support the delivery of the southern section of the Melton Mowbray Distributor Road, the identified solution to long standing congestion and connectivity issues which will be the catalyst for longer term, sustainable, growth. It is thought Leicestershire County Council may now also be able to access crucial Housing Infrastructure Funding (HIF) grant from Homes England.

Sarah Legge, Local Plans Manager at Melton Borough Council, said: “We are delighted that this masterplan has been adopted as this will now unlock a host of benefits for Melton Mowbray. Importantly, transport links and congestion will be improved, as well as other long-term and far reaching benefits in terms of employment and much needed new homes. It will also provide a great boost to the economy post Covid-19.”

“Our designer, ONE, has been fantastic. Their landscape-led approach to masterplanning has led to a design which will enhance Melton Mowbray in the years to come. It will preserve Melton’s enviable natural environment and ensure it continues to be a wonderful place to live with the best possible opportunities for local people.”

Mark Martin, Director at ONE behind the masterplan design, said: “This has been an exciting project. The council has a clear vision so that by the year 2036 the quality of life for people in the Borough will have been significantly improved: it will have become a better place in which to live and work, and that key objectives relating to the housing provision, the local economy and protecting the green environment are met. We believe that this masterplan will achieve this vision and this decision is great news.”

Melton Borough Council will now present this masterplan to Leicestershire County Council (LCC) with the assurance that it is the view of the council that the Masterplan is a robust and credible document to guide the development of the South Sustainable Neighbourhood.