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ONE’s tree at the Christmas Tree Festival

Posted: 5 December 2023

ONE is delighted to be taking part in the Christmas Tree Festival at Worcester Cathedral, which will be open to visitors from Thursday 7 December until 14  January (excluding Christmas Eve and Christmas Day).

We are proud to have this opportunity to provide a Christmas tree to Worcester Cathedral ‘s annual display, which is a great event to meet family and friends, and we hope we have captured a wonderful blend of tradition and innovation in our design!

Here’s a description of what we were trying to achieve by one of our Directors, Mark Martin:

“Our bespoke Christmas tree, adorning Worcestershire Cathedral, we hope embodies the essence of innovation, sustainability and great design. Inspired by the iconic Worcester Black Pear, a symbol of the region’s heritage, the tree is a testament to the fusion of tradition and modernity.

Crafted with recyclable materials and innovative techniques, the tree echoes our commitment to environmental stewardship.  Recycled plastic, metal, eco-friendly bamboo and even wastepaper from our design studio have been used in providing some of the decorations.

Decorated with eco-friendly decorations inspired by nature’s beauty, the tree celebrates the festive spirit while championing sustainable practices. Its sparkling lights symbolise the spark of innovation that illuminates our approach to design and creativity.

Standing tall within the Cathedral, our Christmas tree is more than a seasonal decoration; it’s a testament to our love for innovation, sustainability, and timeless design, paying homage to the rich heritage of Worcester while embracing the future with a forward-thinking ethos.”

None of this of course is possible without people working and collaborating.  In the construction industry, as with all businesses, people are our most important asset. Predictably, the elves were very busy preparing for Christmas Day and so we enlisted a few other workers to help our staff make the paper and bamboo star decorations. Can you spot them in our tree?

We hope our helpers make you smile, and if our decorations inspire you please try this at home!

If you would like to have a go at creating the decorations from our tree, you can download the guides here:

Origami 3D Stars – Instructions 3D Paper Star.pdf

Origami 12 days of Christmas : Instructions 12 Days Xmas

We wish you all a Happy Christmas and New year and we look forward 2024!