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The Lotus Pearl Cultural Centre and Concert Hall

The competition brief was for an iconic design that would be situated on the Axis between the Luoma Lake and the Santaishan National Park and to include the Natian Flower Farm in SuQian, China.

The masterplan and detailed building proposal needed to encompass the cultural and functional representation of public spaces and was to include designs of urban icons, sculptures, landscape art, buildings and installations that are integrated into and respond to the local area. This is due to the fact that the identity of urban spaces is created through infrastructures, sculptures, buildings, land, vegetation and any other element that is capable of representing the essence of place and culture.


SuQian, China




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Project Overview

The proposal for this competition is for an exciting sustainable world class facility that celebrates Chinese performance, dance, music and art.

Sitting within a dramatic landscaped setting, the building would become a landmark within Shanshui Green Corridor and Art Park. Drawing inspiration from the Oyster pearl and Lotus flower, both of which having strong symbolism and meaning in Chinese culture, this design provides a reference linking Natian Flower Farm, Shansui Green Corridor and Luoma Lake.

The building’s form is a lustrous spherical mass with an iridescent glass façade which provides a stunning focal point along the “Qiao Luojin” walkway. Formed within the shell of the building are spaces which tie into the function of the Sculptural Art Park and provide tourist attractions and places for celebrating festivals and other important local and national events. These include exhibition, performance spaces and a concert hall along with an open rooftop garden.

Pearl and lotus flower sculptures can be discovered along routes that link to the proposed building on the ground level and tree top paths. The Lotus Pearl, reflective pool, cherry blossom walkway and public plaza provide seasonal interest and a hub within the Art Park as well as space for cultural activity and creative temporary and permanent installations.

Within the entrance hall at the centre of the building is a pearl sculpture. The circular journey throughout the building shows the pearl growing, adding a new layer of growth and opening outwards when it reaches daylight at the top as an expression of flowering. This visually represents the bud of a Lotus flower about to bloom and symbolically references the Natian Flower Farm.

The design encompasses cutting-edge sustainability infrastructure so that The Lotus Pearl would be an exceptional facility for future generations as well as today’s.

  • The Lotus Pearl Cultural Centre and Concert Hall design is for a world class sustainable facility that celebrates Chinese culture and attracts inward investment.

    Mark Martin, Director / One Creative environments (ONE)
China - Cultural Centre & Concert Hall
The Lotus Pearl Cultural Centre & Concert Hall

Project Benefits

  • An iconic design with strong cultural links -

    with inspiration drawn from the Lotus Flower and Oyster pearl, the design provides a unique destination for everyone to explore, discover and enjoy.

  • A range of spaces -

    that will celebrate Chinese performance, dance, music and art and make visitors want to return again and again which will benefit the economy.

  • Exemplar design for sustainability -

    structural, electrical and mechanical engineers have ensured the design is exceptional in its approach to sustainability using techniques such as night purge for overheating/thermal cooling, rainwater harvesting and natural ventilation where possible.