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Five Minutes with ONE’s Engineering Team – Gavin Vickers

Posted: 1 May 2021

ONE’s engineering expertise delivers efficient, sustainable and innovative solutions.

At ONE we have a fantastic team of engineers which includes: civil and structural engineering and building services (mechanical and electrical).

The team has been recognised in industry awards and our clients can trust them to overcome any challenges, ensure compliance and find the best possible solutions – saving some clients hundreds of thousands of pounds.

So how well do you know our engineers? We are doing a series of ‘Five minutes with’ sessions so you can find out more about our Engineering Technical Directors and what makes them tick. There may be some surprises in there and some great talking points when you are working with them.

Here we chat to Gavin Vickers, ONE’s Technical Director for Civil Engineering.

What inspired you to take up engineering?

My dad had his own successful building company and I used to go to work with him from the age of 8. From age 11, I was making 20-odd cups of tea and coffee and sweeping up and at 15 I was moving 1000’s of roof tiles and bricks around, filling up skips and generally doing all the jobs that no-one wanted to do. I loved seeing things built from the ground up, experiencing the problems encountered and getting to know the characters involved from all the different disciplines.

What is important in the industry right now?

Requirements for projects are becoming increasingly complex as we drive for a reduction in carbon together with helping our clients to capitalise on development opportunities in a buoyant market.

Civil engineering has an integral part to play in these developments as complex works in the ground can be costly. We pride ourselves on working with contractors, developers, sub-contractors, regulators and local authorities to find the most suitable and cost-effective solutions for our clients taking into account all the parameters, constraints and opportunities.

If you were going to be stranded on a desert island, what three things would you take?

Assuming I could find some tools to allow me to dig my own drains and build my own house (with requisite SuDS features), then it would have to be my dog, a decent coffee machine and my scientific calculator.

Who have been your role models?

During my career,  I have been very lucky to have several mentors who have steered my attitude, work ethic and management style including my dad having watched the way he ran his building company. One of my first bosses was a great leader, engineer, innovator and lovely bloke and sticks out as someone who has influenced me the most over the longest period.

What is the greatest sport in your opinion?

Rugby Union. I love the game and it is my passion in life. I loved playing it in all forms, 15 and 7 a side, touch rugby or kicking a ball about. I now coach it to minis, juniors and adults and love the technical aspects of coaching it, seeing players learn and develop and encouraging the decision-making process on the pitch. It’s the ultimate social sport where there is an immediate camaraderie amongst those that have played the adult game and its values (Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, Sportsmanship) can be replicated in the real world and in business.

What is the one object you could not live without?

I’ve never been bothered by ‘stuff’ – it’s the people in my life who I really care about who I couldn’t live without. And my dog Boots, she’s great and won’t leave my side (unless you have biscuits).

What are you looking forward to in a post COVID-19 world?

Blending what we have learned from the Pandemic with the best parts of the pre-COVID way of life. I’m particularly looking forward to going to watch Worcester RFC or the Warriors on a Friday night, which are venues that owes a lot to another local businessman and notable engineer, Cecil Duckworth.

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