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Redlands New Village

ONE Creative environments (ONE) were appointed by Barberry Ltd, who specialise in identifying development opportunities for residential and commercial developments. Draft proposals to support an outline application that include details of access and the principles for the development only, have been prepared for the Redlands site and planning consent has been granted.

A design-led approach is being promoted for the New Eastern Villages to ensure it will respond to the landscape and existing conditions, deliver the range of infrastructure needed to support a new community and meet Swindon’s long term housing demand.




Barberry Ltd.




Masterplanning, Architecture, Landscape Architecture,

Project Overview

Swindon’s New eastern Villages is a proposed new community allocated in the Local Plan that lies on the eastern side of Swindon.  The Council’s vision is to create sustainable well-designed places where people want to live, work and socialise.  Redlands site covers an area of 19 hectares which currently operates as a commercial airfield.

The vision takes a landscape-led approach centred around ‘place making’ to create an attractive, safe and welcoming development with its own unique rural village identity.  Green infrastructure that provides a framework that links all the landscape, visual, ecological and drainage assets of the site and establishes a network of open spaces, footpaths/cycleways and recreational uses. A landscape framework provides an attractive, natural setting that allows for views out and glimpsed views in of buildings set within a well-treed mosiac. Drainage features throughout the development provide an integrated SuDS strategy with the added benefits of enhanced biodiveristy and new ecological habitats.

Redlands New Village

Project Benefits

  • ‘Place making’ approach to residential development -

    Ensured the creation of a neighbourhood that is attractive, safe and welcoming that garners a sense of community pride and ownership as a highly desirable place to live.

  • Pro-activity and experience streamlines the design process -

    ONE’s ability to offer up front advice ensured the client was advised of any potential issues to enable solutions to be incorporated early in the project.

  • Thorough and detailed analysis of the site’s constraints and opportunities ensured a site and contextual landscape-led response that embeds mitigation as an inherent part of the design process. This minimises effects on all potential constraints ie. heritage, ecological, drainage landscape and visual and demonstrates an exemplar approach for the planning process.