Landscape architecture

Landscape architecture

One’s experienced team of landscape architects are collaborative, creative experts with the ability to harness a whole range of elements including client needs, user expectations, architect’s design, the interior design scheme, the masterplanner’s vision and the arts co-ordinator’s creations, to produce an inspiring environment that is as inclusive as it is dynamic.

With a reputation for inspiring, intelligent designs that are rooted in a thorough knowledge of site and context to ensure a sensitive and creative response, One’s Landscape Architectural team has a wealth of experience to deliver exemplar developments that enhance the environment, regenerate communities and inspire ownership and pride.

Design excellence through best practice and value for money is championed at all levels, from large scale masterplanning to individual urban and landscape designs, detailed landscape and maintenance projects and urban and environmental feasibility studies.

With an in-house BRE accredited arts co-ordinator, One recognises how the landscape design offers many opportunities to incorporate public art into external works. Art and sculptures can be strategically placed to create focal points, reinforce wayfinding and provide opportunities to express local identity and reflect the history of a site. Art can include individual commissions or be part of the fabric of the landscape, from bespoke street furniture and lighting strategies to detailed paving design.

  • Land planning and masterplanning
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
  • Public inquiries
  • Planning consent
  • Public arts co-ordination
  • Public and private realm
  • Development promotion
  • Regeneration and redevelopment
  • Urban design