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HQ: +44 (0) 1905 362 300   |   London: +44 (0) 208 0596 526   |   Birmingham : +44 (0) 121 312 3876   |   Cardiff : +44 (0) 2920027983   |  

Rathbone Square – Basement and Amenities

The brief on this project was for ONE Creative environments (ONE) to review and understand the project BIM deliverables and provide a fully co-ordinated and data-attributed model, clash detected, audited and then production of 2D drawings from the models to LOD400 for construction and LOD500 for As-Built construction. The project had a specific requirement for the inclusion of bespoke datasets, which were attributed to all model elements within Revit. Clash detection down to 10mm clash tolerance for all packages was undertaken using Navisworks Manage.




£200M, £5.5M Package Value



Project Overview

Rathbone Square is a £200m+ new development for Great Portland Estates (GPE), consisting of a residential block (containing 150 apartments and basements), and a commercial block which has been allocated for Facebook’s new UK headquarters.  The amenities and basement levels is a specialist sub-contractor package with responsibility to develop, co-ordinate and deliver the design, based upon the employer’s requirements.  The package includes saunas, steam rooms, gymnasium, swimming pool, wine cellars, media rooms and all other communal areas throughout the building. GPE wish to retain ownership of the building, with an ongoing responsibility for maintenance – accordingly BIM deliverables are important to them.  The main contractor (Lend Lease) competence assessed their supply chain to ensure their BIM capabilities match the requirements, and Sherlock Interiors formed a partnership with ONE to provide a full design, modelling, co-ordination and delivery package to meet the requirements.

Rathbone Sq., Basement & Amenities

Project Benefits

  • BIM expertise -

    As early adopters of BIM the client benefitted from One’s expertise and provided additional tuition on other BIM workflows such as quantity take-off from the models.

  • All design discipline models were undertaken in-house within ONE meaning that combined full ‘package models’ were produced and co-ordinated.

  • Using professionally qualified staff to undertake the design and modelling allowed problems to be spotted earlier in the process, with proactive solutions.

  • A bespoke IFC export workflow was developed to allow specific project datasets to be displayed in Navisworks, which was documented and adopted by the Contractor’s BIM Manager for use across the whole project team.